• Spiral slate water feature

    • stone feature
      Stone feature
    • £295.00

      Spiral slate water feature, looks great in any garden. Free standing feature that recycles the water and includes the pump.

      • Add structure to your garden
      • Great relaxing sound
      • 30cm square by 55cm tall
      • A sculpture and a water feature
      • Adjustable water flow

    The spi­ral slate water fea­ture look great in any gar­den or on your bal­cony or patio. Each slate used has a unique char­ac­ter from mil­lions of years form­ing under­ground before being quar­ried, so every face is indi­vid­ual. The stone spi­ral water fea­ture looks great with the water flow­ing over the surface, creating a lovely sound.  The pump included with the fea­ture is adjustable so it can be set to the desired rate. All elec­tri­cal ele­ments on any water fea­ture should be pro­tected by an RCD and fit­ted by a com­pe­tent elec­tri­cian (the pump has to be wired into a switch or socket).


    The slate used forms when lay­ers of shale build up over mil­lions of years, the shale is put under pres­sure which fuses it into the slate we use. These lay­ers make the indi­vid­ual pat­tern on each and every slate. The pat­terns are sim­i­lar to the grain in wood, cre­at­ing the char­ac­ter on each sur­face. After so long form­ing we make sure prod­ucts are crafted, with care, to the high­est standards.

    Weight 20 kg
    Dimensions 50 x 30 x 30 cm


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