Cornish Slate Waterspheres

Beautifully Handcrafted Water Features

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Water and stone are two elements that create a stunning treat for the senses in any garden

The Watersphere Fountain is designed to create a unique focal point and is made from hundreds of irregular pieces of slate from Delabole and Trevillet Quarries

Each piece is painstakingly fixed together to form a unified sphere around an inner concrete shell, expertly handcrafted in Cornwall using the finest quality stone

Choose From A Variety Of Sphere Sizes and Installation Options...


The Chalice stand, on a slightly tapered trunk is specifically designed for the watersphere and half-sphere water features. Made from sealed, glass fibre reinforced concrete, it is as hardwearing and frost proof as the slate Watersphere resting upon it.

The Chalice stand raises the reservoir of water up from ground-level and works as a free standing unit which you can move around your garden or deck year to year. It is available in three colours, sand, light grey and dark grey (similar to the colour of the slate) and each is supplied with either an open bowl so that the water can be seen, or with a galvanised mesh insert to hold slate chippings. Both attractive options that would make a great addition to your outside space.

Please call us to discuss all aspects of the design and installation of your unique water feature (including larger sizes) and to obtain a no-obligation quotation.


The Watersphere fountain is available in three standard sizes: 250mm, 400mm and 650mm diameter. An adjustable pump is included with all our Waterspheres and can be set to the desired flow rate. It is designed to run 24 hours 365 days a year and therefore should not be left to run dry through evaporation.

With a sump base you would not generally see any water. If your garden already has gravel, stones or chippings then these can be used to cover the top/ grid that goes over the sump base. Our sump base price includes smaller slate pieces if required.


For a natural, integrated look, the Watersphere can sit at ground level, but there has to be a reservoir to collect the water and house the pump; larger features may also need concrete foundation to help support the weight.